Welcome to Peters Meats! With over 30 years experience in the retail butcher/wholesale meat supply, Peters Meats is a local brand who’s name has become synonymous with quality, efficiency and old fashioned customer service.

Originally known as Pads Meats in the late 1970’s, Peters Meats is a family owned business providing meats to local residents and businesses across 2 generations. Originally located in Lygon St, East Brunswick, the business purchased by owner Pasquale Lauletta (Peter) from his then employer of 5 years. Upon the birth of his son Peter Jnr in 1986, Pasquale launched Peters meats becoming one of Brunswicks most reputable meat suppliers. In 1998, he moved the store to their current address at 401 Sydney Road, Brunswick where Peter and Peter operate the business… a real family affair.

Priding themselves on good ol’ fashioned customer service, Peters Meats provides its loyal customers with a product and experience they want to come back. Its a simple formula that has stood the test of time, and why Peter Meats continues to be so successful after so many years.

Where some other butchers choose to have the meat cut and delivered to them, Peters Meats refuses to purchase boxed meats, insisting on breaking down the carcasses themselves… what butchers were always intended to do! This ensures your product is always of the highest grade and quality, knowing that your meat has come from only the most reputable abattoirs and meat suppliers. They even mince their own meat, from which they also make their own sausages that have become a delicacy on dining room tables across the northern suburbs of Melbourne.

Operating to the highest industry standards, Peters Meats is approved by Prime Safe and SGS, the two bodys for Health and Safety in the meat industry. Boasting 2 fully refrigerated vans with temperatures below 4°c as approved by Primesafe, Peters Meats also deliver the freshest meats to the City and Inner Northern Suburbs (refer to Areas we Serve for more information).

With the launch of their exciting new website www.butchersmelbourne.com.au, Peters Meats provide home delivery of the freshest meats, at top quality and the most reasonable prices.

We thank you for considering Peters Meats, and look forward to meeting you either at our store or at your doorstep.
Physical Location;
401 Sydney Rd, Brunswick, VIC, 3056
Tel: 03 9387 0693